A bit about us...


It Started With a Kitten was created by a cat mom who felt there was a need to curate pet products that would elevate one’s home and lifestyle. Products that were stylish yet practical, as well as thoughtfully well made. 


Most pet parents can agree that our furry children deserve the best, which is why we aim to offer products with purpose, such as toys that mentally enrich and stimulate, as well as cozy bedding that is designed to reduce anxiety and increase comfort. 


As a small, independent pet boutique, we do our best to support other independent businesses, and try to carry goods that are made in the USA, as well as other unique items from artisans all over the world. 


It Started With a Kitten was inspired by the wonderful cats we’ve been fortunate enough to have in our lives, as well as the lovely dogs we’ve met along the way. As a way to contribute to the needs and well-being of our feline and canine companions, we have decided to donate 10% percent of every purchase to animal rescues that are making a positive impact in their community.